Debt Capital Markets Report 2022

Tightening in the face of uncertainty

This is our fifth year undertaking the Debt Capital Markets Survey and we’ve been able to paint a detailed picture of the trends and sentiment of the markets over the years. This year’s report comes at an interesting time: the long-lasting effect of the pandemic, inflation, rising interest rates, construction labour and material shortages, and supply chain issues are troubling the construction and property sectors, leaving lenders to tighten in the face of uncertainty.


About the Research

Overall, this year’s report highlighted the following themes:

  • Loan books will continue to grow, but margins will also rise
  • Pre-sales have returned to pre-COVID norms
  • As many sectors enter recovery, industrial soars
  • Greater oversight looms as non-banks enter the mainstream


With three distinct data sets – pre-COVID, during COVID, and post-lockdown recovery phase – our 2022 markets survey shows how the markets are correcting and readjusting sentiment for the coming year.

So, what are we seeing?
Are we set for another booming year?
Or is the outlook more conservative with the threat of rising interest rates having now come to fruition?