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July 25, 2022

App Gives Agents Finance Insights to Boost Sales

As one of Australia’s leading broker of commercial property finance, Stamford Capital says it is increasingly being asked by commercial real estate agents to provide them, and in turn their prospective buyers, with finance insight to assist in the sale of their property listings.

To empower commercial real estate (CRE) agents with this finance insight comr8 for agents was created, a free online application designed to be the finance arm of an agent’s business, providing them with Stamford Capital’s unrivalled dataset and ability to execute finance.

comr8 for agents has three main features. Agents can:

    • Run an instant scenario to generate property specific interest rate and leverage estimates for prospective buyers as and when they ask for the insight
    • Create finance flyers with rate and leverage estimates to support their marketing campaigns
    • Refer a potential buyer to us to assist with the finance element of the sale. We also pay a share of the commission to agents to reflect the work done.

Giving prospective buyers what they want and need

One of the biggest hurdles for borrowers looking to buy commercial properties is getting their financing in order. Buyers want to know two things:

    • How much can I borrow?
    • What’s the sharpest rate I can get?

comr8 for agents allows CRE agents to give this information to borrowers in real time by answering a few questions about the property.

“Buyers relish having tailored finance information in the early stages of their property search, allowing them to streamline the decision-making process. Armed with finance information at property viewings, agents can also use comr8 for agents to identify buyers with the means and intent to buy,” says Aaron Johnson, head of sales execution and partnerships at Stamford Capital.

“In today’s volatile market, this information can act as a north star for buyers helping them make informed decisions.”

Intuitive features for agents on the go

Mobile responsive, comr8 for agents can be used by agents on any device, at property viewings, in the office or on the go. Agents can provide finance insight for prospective buyers face-to-face simply by answering a few questions.

There’s also no need to remember logins or passwords—all you need is your mobile phone to receive a one-time passcode to access your account.

Property flyers created in the system are emailed directly to agents via the email address they used to sign up and are ready to be printed out or sent on to prospective buyers.

A gold mine of data available to agents everywhere

Comr8 for agents is powered by the scale and reach of Stamford Capital.

“With 12 years of experience in arranging and advising on commercial property finance, we are sitting on a gold mine of interest rate data points covering the entire lending market—banks, non-banks, and private lenders,” says Johnson.

Designed to be the finance arm of the CRE agent, comr8 for agents will ensure that finance is no longer an impediment to the sale of your property listing.