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April 11, 2019

Real Estate Debt Capital Markets Survey 2019

With Australia’s property market now in decline, it’s time to deal with the reality. Property developers and investors are seeking new opportunities in a more challenging market as the promise of the property boom wears thin and presales become next to impossible.

In a post-Hayne Report environment, major banks are still hamstrung by stringent credit controls – but they are also under pressure to replenish their loan book.

All these factors make way for non-bank lenders to increase their footprint in the debt capital market, and for new products to find creative solutions to the fundamental challenge: cost-effective, sustainable construction and asset finance.

For our second annual market survey, we heard from over 100 individuals from banks, non-banks, private lenders, family offices and super funds to get the current pulse of Australia’s debt capital market for property assets – and their insights into the year ahead.

Their responses revealed five significant trends.

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