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November 3, 2021

Introducing comr8

As our closest friends and clients, we’re proud to introduce you to comr8 our new commercial property finance marketplace – connecting borrowers to their best finance solution.

For over 11 years, Stamford Capital has been tirelessly working to deliver the best for our clients; our rich history and breadth of experience feeding into every decision and advice we give.

Our goal was to filter this into a Commercial Real Estate (CRE) fintech solution: an accessible platform that gives borrowers the ability to search for what their interest rate could be – or should be.

Enter comr8. Simply answer up to six questions and comr8 will generate an indication of the sharpest rate we are seeing for that particular scenario.

Unlike other platforms and tools, comr8 analyses Stamford’s data from the complete lender market looking at interest rates from banks, non-banks, and private lenders.

The past 18 months have been an extraordinary time in the CRE finance market with some lenders pulling right back given the pandemic, then coming back hard with other entrants as confidence returned and money chased any yield it could. What this has highlighted is the importance of borrowers having an avenue by which they can consider the whole market when seeking finance, something that comr8 (and Stamford) does.

Comr8 is our tech response to the complexity of commercial property finance, the revolving door of new lenders and the fierce competition between lender types. We see this marketplace as our way to empower the borrower and deliver enhanced transparency.

“The timing is perfect for this platform. While the residential lending market is saturated with consumer-oriented comparison tools – similar technologies for commercial property finance have lagged behind, particularly ones that consider the entire lending market,” said Michael Hynes, Joint Managing Director of Stamford Capital.

“We believe we have the richest dataset in the market, and we’re happy for borrowers to access this for free as they search for funding.”

Find your rate and get funded. It’s that simple.