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June 3, 2022

Stamford Capital Launches fintech marketplace for commercial real estate agents

Just months after the successful launch of comr8’s Stamford Capital has released comr8 for agents – an innovative new platform tailored to be the finance arm of commercial real estate agent.

Launched last October, the online comr8 platform is free for borrowers of commercial property finance and provides insights on the entire lending market comprising banks, non-banks, and private lenders. Comr8 provides an immediate estimate of the best interest rates Stamford Capital is seeing in market based on a particular borrowing scenario.

The innovative fin-tech delivers borrowers the best interest rate available based on a sophisticated calculation, with the back-end supported by raw data from Stamford Capital’s 12 years’ specialist experience arranging commercial property finance with over $2 billion of loan volume settled annually, and a current pipeline value of over $4 billion.

“We created the new comr8 for agents platform in direct response to the demand from commercial real estate agents – they are increasingly asking us for assistance, with finance often an impediment to their sale process. With a comprehensive knowledge of agency and sales fundamentals, we have been able to incorporate features into comr8 that streamline and enhance the sales process,” said Michael Hynes, Joint Managing Director of Stamford Capital.

Distinctive features of comr8 for agents focus on arming agents with property specific finance insights, primarily interest rates and leverage metrics, empowering them with critical finance data on-demand to help them market their listings.

Members of comr8 for agents will also be able to generate customised finance flyers to promote their listings within minutes on the platform, adding a new element to their marketing campaigns.

“Comr8 is a true finance arm of the commercial real estate agent. The access to critical finance data on-demand and the ability to generate marketing material on-the-go is simply a game-changer. Agents can use the tool to run buyers through different financial scenarios at inspections, with the confidence that it is the latest data and help empower buyers in decision-making,” said Domenic Lo Surdo, Joint Managing Director of Stamford Capital.

Importantly, he noted that the comr8 platform is able to distinguish between different finance criteria across a range of sub-sectors of the commercial property market, including multi-residential, commercial office, industrial, retail, hotels and leisure, health/medical and education/childcare.

Further, agents can refer clients needing finance through the portal and earn a commission, delivering them with a revenue stream.

According to Stamford Capital, comr8 has proven a hit with investors, representing more than 50% of users to date. Developers have also been among the platform’s early adopters, representing 43% of comr8’s users to date, with just 6% of users being owner-occupiers.

The comr8 marketplace was originally created in direct response to the increasing complexity and opaqueness of the commercial property finance market: the revolving door of new lenders and the on-going competition between banks, non-banks, and private lenders.

Interestingly, in the last financial year, Stamford Capital reported almost 60% of its deals were transacted with non-banks, reflecting non-banks increasing participation in the commercial property market and continued appetite for deals.

This trend highlights that unless borrowers consider the complete lender market, they run the risk of paying too much interest.

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